Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mail Time: Early Birthday Surprise Box with my friends!

Hey, everyone!

I have been blessed with two terrific friends. Christina and Cynthia have been my cyber friends for years now and I love them to pieces! They give great advice, always ready to listen and help me with any problems I may have, include me in their fun adventures and have been all I could ask for AND MORE in a friend! I treasure them!!! I have met Cynthia twice IRL and I love her to pieces. Seriously, if anyone ever didn't like her, I would think they were LOCO because she is a wonderful person. She is funny and has the best smile and I love to hear her sweet voice and laughter! Christina has pulled me through some really difficult times. We have talked on the phone and of course connected via the Internet but no IRL meeting yet. I was going to meet up with them to go to a scrapbook convention but that didn't happen. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which spread to his liver. He was diagnosed in July just a couple of weeks before his birthday. The doctor told us to enjoy it because it would probably be his last one. So when Dad was about ready to celebrate his 60th birthday (which is the same time as the Convention was going to be) I chose to stay home and celebrate another milestone which was even more special for us!

My sweet friends decided to send me a huge box with tons of amazing things inside from their trip! It was like I got to go with them ... in a way... and that makes me so happy! My heart is smiling because of them!! My birthday is on Labor Day this year so I am definitely calling these items my birthday presents! I made a video of all the wonderful things they have so GENEROUSLY given to me! I love it ALL!!!

The items in the box include:
Artist Mae (photopolymer stamp) by Some Odd Girl
Butterfly Garden (a set of 4 charms) by Studio18
Clever Lever Quick Borders Craft Punch and Ribbon Stitch Cartridge by Marvy Uchida
Copic "Favorites" Greens (G00, G03, G05) by Krazy Kreations
Copic "Favorites" Yellow Reds (YR02, YR04, YR07) by Krazy Kreations
Love You Madly Rubber Stamps by Glitz
Ribbon Roll Control by

Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment about some of the things you enjoy giving your friends or family members! What is something you received as a surprise that rocked your world? Take care and I will meet you here next time!


Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hey everyone!

It's been a little bit since I was able to hang out with you! I have been so busy with working full-time swing shift and taking my class this summer at university.
entrance to jasper campus
It has been intense but I am proud of how well I am doing. I have a final exam and that is it...I will be done with the summer session! I think I may have three weeks between the summer and fall session?! Not much time but it will still be a nice break.

I work at the hospital for now, but I am not able to work full-time swing shift and go to class full-time for the nursing program, so I had to make a decision. It was not an easy choice. I have worked (sometimes more than one job at a time) since I was 17 years old, except for a very short time being home with my babies after they were born. It's been difficult to divide my time among so many things... school, work, family, church, my online business, and hobbies. I have sacrificed a lot of things for my dream of becoming a nurse and when it came down to the wire I knew that I had to walk away from work. I had thought about, prayed about, and tried to find another way but this is the solution I know God wanted for me. It's tough to walk by faith and not by sight, but I am going to do it because I know He is with me every step of the way and He will not leave me.

So, hopefully I can get a chance to spend more time with my family, enjoy being home more, study a LOT more, and even get a little bit more time to be creative every once in a while. I have a few Stampin' Up! catalogs I am mailing out this coming week. Just let me know if you want me to mail you one. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, May 31, 2013

The Lean Green Bean Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

Hey, everyone!!

I have had pen pals for many years, all over the country and around the world. I have exchanged recipes, pictures, stickers, bookmarks, coupons, and anything else you can fit in an envelope! However, I have never had a pen pal send me a box full of my favorite treats before. I signed up to join the Foodie Pen Pals group at The Lean Green Bean. It was so much fun!
The Lean Green Bean
This was my first time joining the fun Lindsay has orchestrated! My Foodie Pen Pal is from California and she took my list of favorite snacks and then purchased organic and healthy alternatives. Guess what? I loved it all! Just check out the fun things she sent me!!
I could not wait to open this box!
 These banana chips were really good! Mmmm!
The Crunchy Baked Snacks and Crispy Wheat Crackers were even better than the brand I normally buy. Even the kids agreed.
These are healthy alternatives to Twizzlers. I am not sure how to compare them but they had a lot more flavor than Twizzlers for sure. I was excited to try them all. I just tucked them into my snack bag at school and work. Yum!
This is the lemon mint water she sent me. I definitely need more water!!! Thank you, Elizabeth! You were a wonderful pen pal. So, do you think this is a program you'd like to sign up for? Lindsay has this pen pal program going each month. Click here if you want to sign up and get paired up with a foodie pen pal of your own. Thanks for hanging out with me today!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Sand Pudding and Picnic on Friday Finale

Hey everyone!!
As hard as it is to believe, it's already Friday!! And not just any Friday, but a Friday Finale! Woot! Woot!
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Today was my daughter's grand finale for fifth grade! Boo Hoo! She had a wonderful fifth grade picnic with games, prizes, an obstacle course and many photo opportunities! I will share a few photos from the picnic at the end of this post.

I was in need of a quick dessert for sixty kids plus hungry parents and staff. Yikes! So, of course my sweet Cyber BFF Christina Wernstrum had just the solution...sand pudding! Oh my yum! Definitely a winner!! I found THIS RECIPE and it came out perfectly!
Look! No leftovers...and best of all I got a LOT of comments and delightful moans as the cups of sand pudding disappeared! Yay!! Score!
So, here's a couple of highlights from today:
Yep! That is a water balloon with a little boy just looking for a place to toss it!
I got this cute idea for an end of school year gift from HERE.
Prize patrol! Each child got a prize!
Doing the "army crawl" part of the course.
Javan managed to get ahold of one of the "big guns" to soak everyone as they went through the "car wash." Christie did an amazing job on this obstacle course.
Here is the cute t-shirt Christie and I designed for the kids. Isn't it fun? I love it!
Kadesia had her friends autograph her tshirt. What a great keepsake this will be.

And before you go, be sure to check out what is going on over at Christina's blog!! You don't want to miss this!! She is so creative!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Wednesday Sums It Up!

Hey everyone!

It certainly is a free glitter text and family website at  ... and has been a pretty wild week! I have been suffering from severe neck and back pain but my chiropractor has helped me so much! I am about 50% better already after about 5-6 visits. I just finished a four day stretch at work, 12 hour shifts and didn't get a whole lot of sleep in between. My five year old son is sick and that breaks my heart! He has an
 ear infection in both ears and just got diagnosed with mild asthma. I hate when my children are sick!

I had a wonderful dessert idea to share with you all on Mmm! Monday and I had planned to create another video tutorial on Tuesday but it just didn't happen. I have a long list of things to do and each day I cross off a few more. At least I am making progress, but I sure wish it was a little quicker.

So, if you are just tuning in, welcome! I am so glad you are here!! I have designated each day of the week with a special theme. You can scroll down to the end of my blog for a list. It's just something fun for me to keep posting new and different things. I chose Wild Wednesday to share something I am wild about! Maybe a product review, a fun website, or a cool place to stay on vacation. Just a wildcard kind of day! We all need those, right?

Speaking of needs...this is something I really THINK of as a NEED.
Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème
It is a cup full of yum! This is the one drink I get from STARBUCKS that totally rocks my world every single time! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of delcious drinks there but this one is by far my favorite. I love the flavor and the texture. It instantly puts a smile on my face. One small sip from that lovely green straw and I am taken away on a blissful cloud! I am NOT's that good!!! Next time you are near a Starbucks, order yourself a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino, unless you are like my sweet friend Kathy T. who is allergic to strawberries! GASP! I am so sad for her but she definitely does not need to get one! Kathy, I will drink one for you sweet friend!!!

I love all things strawberry! It just says SUMMER to me. Plump red juicy berries with their green cap on. I treated myself to a cute little plate that I found at TJ Maxx. Check it out:
Isn't it sweet? I love it! I think it needs some sweet treats to sit on it, but I haven't had time to make anything fun in the kitchen lately.

I have been boxing up donations! I had originally planned to sell my things in a yard sale but my cousins all had to move because the property they all were living on was sold and they had 45 days to move! Ugh!! So I figured they could check out the stuff I was going to put in the yard sale and take whatever they want. I just want it gone and knowing they need things makes me feel good about being able to help out. I have TONS more to go through. My mom is going to help me sort through all my drawers and cabinets and get things organized soon. So definitely stay tuned for photos of that!

She helped me with a really great project recently. It's halfway done but once it is fully transformed I will do a big reveal! Love it!!

And so yeah, one more fun thing to share today...
Keep watching this blog for a very special giveaway! You won't want to miss this! You will have several chances to win. I will share details later! I will also have a coupon code for you fom My Memories to get your purchase at a discount! You know how I love a good deal! Thanks for hanging out with me today. And speaking of good deals, tomorrow is Thrifty Thursday. Check back to see the bargains I scored at my local thrift stores!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today is Starfish Sunday

Hey everyone!

Sorry about not posting the past couple of days. I have several things to share but my back went out and I had severe neck pain. I've had three chiropractic visits which has helped me immensely. I am not back 100% but I am certainly doing better than I was. So I decided to start fresh again with today's post for:

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Arnold Terry, the man that I have selected for Starfish Sunday, was one of the most influential people in my life. I adored this man. He was born in 1905 and in the short 90 years that God gave him on this earth he had seen a lot of changes. He was an Old Testament scholar and could recount the stories written on the pages of the gospel with as much accuracy as if you were reading it aloud. His passion for God and winning souls never waned through the years regardless of the times that people may have been dismissive or rejected the truth altogether. He spoke with kindness and love. He was the type of person who could tell you something that if someone else said it, it would have made you angry, but when he said it, you just quietly listened and accepted what he had to say. He was a good man... a praying man. You can believe Heaven and Earth were moved when he prayed and the devil did not intimidate him at all. He knew in Whom he had believed.
I made mistakes in my life, like we all do, but my grandfather was the one person on this earth who would not condemn me. If I did wrong, he did not put me down, but rather explained what Jesus would have wanted me to do and he loved me back on the right path. His love for me was the one single experience I have had on this earth that was as humanly possible to mirror God's unconditional love for us. I did nothing to earn my grandfather's love. I did nothing to cause him to love me more or love me less. I belonged to him and he loved me. He shared the gospel with me in truth and told me to NEVER compromise.
My grandfather influenced me to pursue a career in nursing. I am sure he would be very proud of me if he were alive. He would be my biggest cheerleader and I can just see his big smile and shining beautiful blue eyes as I told him that I was accepted into the nursing program this fall. I cared for him when he was ill. I visited him every single day of my life growing up, unless I was on vacation out of state. I would sit on the arm of his recliner and listen for hours as he told me things the Bible said about life and love and how to treat people. I hung on his every word and learned so much. As shadows started to fall I would make my way back up the hill towards home with peace and love overflowing in my heart and spirit. I just felt better when he was near.
If I imagine my grandfather's life a beach scene, and souls along his path as starfish, then I would not be able to tell you how many starfish my grandfather rescued. He would pick each one up in his worn hands with love. He would bless them and say kinds things to them and then with all of his might he would launch them into the ocean of God's love and would quietly repeat this loving work until I could see him no more. He worked until God called him home. Always praying, always singing, always teaching, always warning, always preaching, ever calling wayward souls towards home.
When someone recounts the relationships you have made, the choices you chose, the people you helped, the things you did, will you be known for helping the starfish God has placed in your path? Will others stop and say they want to be just like you? The good news is that regardless of our past, we can all have a wonderful life story to share with others if we choose to see people as starfish and our purpose in life as one to serve and help those around us in need. We can offer a kind word, extra patience, friendly smile, or a gentle hug. Maybe the person who is going slow in front of you just needs some extra time to get where they are going. Perhaps the person who stepped in front of you in line didn't see you because they were distracted by the thoughts running around in their head. Maybe the person who didn't smile back just got bad news and even though they couldn't offer you a smile, perhaps they received yours. Choose to live everyday as a Starfish day!
All pictures from google image search.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get Thrifty!

Hey everyone!

Welcome back for another
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Thrifty used to be a term someone used to describe someone who was "cheap" and it was not always a pleasant thing. Now it seems it's trendy to be thrifty.
I think it is because the economy is not what it used to be. People like customizing things for their needs and tastes. Another reason some choose to shop at thrift stores is to reduce the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. Regardless of the reason, thrift shopping to me is FUN! I love getting something that is really nice for hardly any money. I can immediately think of several items I have found in thrift stores that with a little TLC and a whole lotta love, new life was breathed into it again!

Where do you like to thrift shop? There are a lot of wonderful places around. Look around your community and take the time to stop by. See what hidden treasures are lurking in the shadows of the shelves just waiting for you to find it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my Friday Finale post. Thanks for hanging out with me today. You can click on the button to the right to start following my blog. And just so you know, yep, that picture above was found on Pinterest. Love it!