Friday, September 19, 2014

$3 Dollar Tree Bathroom Makeover

Hey everyone!

My family and I had another recent life change. I am going to create a YouTube video about it because I think it might be easier than trying to create a lengthy blog post about it. In this video I sort of elude to a part of the change and it is no big secret to a lot of my family and friends. I just want to explain it all in one video post.

Today I have a video to share with you. I am really excited to share this transformation with you all because I am certain I am not alone when it comes to having this issue. There are five of us in this house who share one bathroom. There are two full bathrooms in this house but we share the master bathroom as far as storage and all that. My mom and I tried to organize my family's hair care products and facial items and things into a small space and it looked great! The problem is that it did not function very well so I had to come up with something else!

That is when I decided I would check out my local Dollar Tree. It's a great place to shop on a shoestring budget and get something really nice to keep the space tidy. I spent $3.21 on my organizational items. I hope you will enjoy this short video of how I transformed a small space into our bathroom into something functional and fresh!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

$5 Goodwill Challenge: Fall Edition

Hey, everyone!

I was asked to participate in the $5 Goodwill Challenge: Fall Edition from Hillary at My So-Called Home on YouTube. I was beyond excited to join the challenge; however, I was very sick and did not get the chance to post on time. I figured a little late was better than missing the challenge so I went thrifting and was able to find amazing deals and come up with a really sweet fall set up!

The $5 Goodwill Challenge was created by Hillary. She started the challenge last Christmas and then she issued the challenge in the spring and the summer. I participated in those challenges and I will link to those videos here:

So the way the challenge works is you have a budget of $5 and you are to go to your local Goodwill store, thrift store, rummage sale, etc. and try to find something you can add to your home decor for that particular theme. It can be a real treasure hunt sometimes to find something, but it is such a FUN challenge to do.

You can purchase an item as-is, or a "fixer-upper" for the challenge. There are MANY YouTubers who take this challenge and I watch all of their videos and am so AMAZED at what a lot can come up with. Sometimes they really take something from trash to treasure with a little love and effort. I am always inspired by what I see.

So here is my video and be sure to read to the end for my challenge to all of you!

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My challenge to all of you (if you have gotten this far on this post) is to take Hillary's $5 Goodwill Challenge: Fall Edition. Even if you do not have a blog or a YouTube channel. Just take $5 and go to your local thrift store to see what you can find. I hope this video has inspired you to decorate for fall on the cheap! I'd love to hear back from you in the comments below. If you have joined the challenge and want to send me photos you can link your blog below and I would LOVE to check it out. If you share a video response I will definitely watch it! If you don't have a blog or YouTube channel, you can email me a photo at and I would love to see it! I read all of your comments so please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Definitely check out Hillary's channel and all of her amazing videos. She has so many incredible things to share! Thanks for hanging out today!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Javan's 7th Lego Birthday Party

Hey, everyone!

My son loves anything Lego! So when I saw some Lego shaped pencil sharpeners at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed a few packages and decided to have my son a Lego-themed birthday party for his seventh birthday! I knew I had one of the items for the party favors and then I turned to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on how to make Javan's party super cute and fun! Here is a look at the party favors, decorations, and celebration!!
I created the party favor bag to look like a lego brick. I purchased a package of 10 blue treat bags for only $1 at the Dollar Tree. I used my 1" circle punch to create the "raised" part of the brick. I filled it with Javan's favorite things. His favorite candy is the KitKat and Tootsie Roll. I got a couple packages of those "lego-plastic-puzzle" type things, for only $1 per package. There was several in a package and I even had some leftover. He likes to have his own notebooks, so I found a package of 3 of those mini composition books for a dollar at the Dollar Tree. The pencils were neon colored and so I purchased one pack of ten pencils for $1 at the Dollar Tree. The stickers came from the Dollar Tree as well. They come in 4 sheets per package. He loves animals, especially cats and dogs, and he chose this particular sheet of stickers to share with his family and friends who were coming to celebrate his birthday with him. The lego pencil sharpener was the inspiration for the entire party. I was able to score 4 of these sharpeners per package. So for less than $20 I was able to fill 10 party favor bags and have a few items leftover.
Kadesia got her brother a special present and so I wrapped it up in green sparkly paper. I then tied a green ribbon around it. His favorite color is green. Since there were 4 rectangle shaped divided by the ribbon so I thought I would make faux lego bricks with the 1/2" circle punch. Super fun and easy!
I had a couple of box flaps and simly wrapped them in the same green sparkly tissue paper as Javan's present. I had a black paper 7 and I used the 1" circle punch to create a green lego brick! The green ribbon allows me to suspend it from the ceiling. It looks great with the Happy Birthday banner seen below.
I used the same package of letters and numbers to create a name banner. We used patterned scrapbook paper from Joann's. I wanted to create different shapes like you'd find in a box of Legos. Paul picked out the patterned paper because it looked like a lego already. He chose the letters, too.
This is the name banner hanging up at the party. He absolutely loved seeing his name hanging up!
Look at my sweet baby boy holding up seven fingers! The backdrop is a blue vinyl table cloth and a package of blue plastic plates from the Dollar Tree for only a dollar each! It looks like a big blue lego brick. This was a great background for the presents table for photos!
My brother made Javan's favorite treat: popcorn cooked on the stove top. There is nothing better! Mmmm! Mom and I made the Lego head pops. They were super easy to make. I stuck each marshmallow onto a sucker stick. I dipped each marshmallow in some yellow vanilla-flavored candy melts. I melted some mini chocolate chips and my mother took a toothpick to create faces on all 21 pops. They were super cute and yummy, too! Javan and his cousin Kaiden created the mega block decorations surrounding the pops! Great job guys!
 Here is a closer look at their work and those cute Lego head pops.
Javan loves nachos and cheese and hot dogs. So that was the day's fare! We added a little salsa on the side because we all love salsa...but Javan doesn't. He didn't mind at all that it was there, though!
Doesn't this Lego head look like he has a gotee? Totally an accident but it turned out to be a fun surprise!
Javan's mamaw Leann made these cupcakes with lots of love for this sweet grandson of hers! The lego bricks and lego men are actually edible! So colorful and everyone enjoyed them!
She did a great job on these!
Leann also made a Pin the Head on a Lego man game. The kids laughed and carried on, having a GREAT time with this game!
These two crazy guys are ready to pin the head on the Lego man!
Daddy put Papaw Roy's hanky over Javan's eyes and guided him towards the Lego man. He did pretty good!
 Shawn's turn...
 Go, Riley, Go!
 And he nailed it!
 Brooklyn's turn!
Look at what a great job they all have done!
 Can't leave Mr. Jackson out!
What kind of party would it be without a LEGO HEAD PINATA?
The bottom finally gave way and out came a LOT of tootsie rolls and kit kat bars! They were SO excited!
Here are some of Javan's presents photos...


So it rained the whole day! The sky was just white with rain clouds and it was a steady rain the whole afternoon! But you know the best part of the entire party? Better than any game, any activity? Take a look!!
 This rain puddle and they even found a plastic boat to float across the puddle!
 Jackson even decided he wanted to have a seat in the puddle! How fun!
 They were soaked and it was messy but I said, "Oh well! Let them play!"

And they loved it! We even had some Lego guys at our party!

 Wait! Gotta grab your hat!!

Thanks for hanging out with us as we celebrated! I am so glad for all the help, all the family and friends who came, and the amazing celebration we managed to have even though our hearts were heavy. This was our first celebration without Dad and it was a tough one!