Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mmm! Monday

Hey everyone!

It's Monday and not just any Monday but:
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Today I am going to share with you a wonderfully easy, yummy dessert! You will not have leftovers if you make this and take it anywhere!!! If you like strawberries like I do, then this will be your new favorite dessert and it's so pretty!!
 See all the yummy layers of goodness down the side? I love trifle bowls for this reason. You get to taste it with your eyes first and my eyes think this is really delcious! Makes my mouth water.
This is not a new recipe for me. I did not make this today but I definitely wanted to share it for Mmm! Monday because Mmm! is what it is!!! I got the recipe from this blog here. ETA: Unable to locate the link but will keep trying and will edit this post when I find it. :) It was so easy to make and hardly took any time to prepare. The hard part was waiting for it to chill so I could dig in!
I even had made my mother-in-law her own little trifle! She loved every bite! What kind of trifles do you like to make? I promise to share my Turtle Brownie Toffee Trifle this month! You will love it if you love chocolate and toffee and turtle brownies...oh my!

Thanks for stopping by. I love having you visit. Come back soon!

UPDATE: I have SCOURED the Internet to no avail. I cannot find the original post. Maybe someday I will, or maybe one of you can solve the mystery and help me find the creator of this delicious dessert. I will go ahead and post the recipe here. I wish I had the opportunity to ask permission or link to the original blog but until that happens...here is the recipe.

WHITE portion
1 8 oz. pack light cream cheese
1 8 oz. bowl light cool whip
½ cup of sugar or substitute
RED Portion
1 package fresh strawberries sliced thin (slice 6 in half for top garnish)
1 package strawberry glaze (light if available)
2 packages sugar free strawberry Jell-O prepared by directions on box
CAKE Portion
1 Angel Food Cake torn in bite size pieces

Whip the cream cheese, cool whip and sugar until smooth and set aside.
Keep an eye on the strawberry Jell-O and remove from fridge in semi-gelled condition, then fold in glaze and thin slices of berries.

In bowl begin with ½ of the cake pieces on the bottom layer topped with ½ of the RED Portion topped with ½ of the WHITE Portion spread evenly then begin the layers again. Top with the berries sliced in half for garnishment, chill and serve.


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Christina Wernstrum said...

Now that looks uber yummy!