Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Thrifty Thursday Share

Hey everyone!

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I really love getting a bargain! I shop around for the best deals I can find. My mom taught me that
a bargain is not really a bargain unless the item being purchased is truly something I need. So
when I was shopping for a new purse at Kmart the other day I knew I scored big with my
purchases. Here is one of them:
This messenger bag is Dickies brand. It is a really fun design with all of the circles and it is made really well.
The front flap has this deep pocket that zips closed.
This is a great place for a cell phone or calculator. It has a velcro closure.
 There is another pocket on the front flap. It also zips closed which keeps everything secure.
 Once the flap is lifted up there are more pockets and places to store things.
This pocket is pretty deep but there is no closure on it.
There is another zipper inside.
As you can see it will hold quite a bit of stuff! My daughter has it jam packed full! The bag retails for $24.99 according to the tag but I bought it for only $4 on clearance! I love that! I saved $20.99!

Do you like finding good deals? I would love to hear what thrifty finds you have come across! Next week I will be sharing even more frugal finds so be sure to check back. Leave me a comment below or email me at to share your latest penny pinching purchases!


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Christina Wernstrum said...

Pretty sweet bag and that was a steal! Great find!