Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From hideous to Well, hello!

Hey everyone!!

It's another free glitter text and family website at here in southern Indiana. I have a really great website to share with you today. It's the Refashionista! Have you heard of her? If not, you MUST check her blog out after you finish reading this post! Seriously, you will be amazed at her mad refashioning skills! Her claim to fame? "I'll change the way you think about fashion." She is not kidding!!!
Like most everything else I share here on this blog, I found her on Pinterest. I just love that place! I told you it's a great place to visit!! So I was intrigued by reading that she takes clothing that someone else doesn't want anymore... (holes, stained, damaged) and she buys them for fifty cents or a buck ... sometimes they are just given to her for free, and she transforms them into creations I had no idea was even possible from such a mess of material!

Even if you do not want to learn how to sew, or alter your own clothes, it is definitely a great blog to check out. She has such a big heart. She donated cat nip toys to her favorite animal shelter that she made from one of her least favorite items found in clothing...shoulder pads! Yeah, she did!! She even spent a whole year creating fabulous pieces for an organization that helps women in need. I love that! You can read all about that on her bio page. I think that is a pretty selfless thing to do and my hat is off to her!

Thanks to her my list of  MUST DO sewing projects certainly has grown. You may find yourself looking at your wardrobe in a brand new way, as well. Just another blog to prove one man's trash is truly this girl's treasure!!!

Now off you go to explore!! Just remember to come back tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday. After sharing her website and exposing you to a brand new way to think about fashion, you may have some Thrifty Thursday tips for me. I'd love to hear them!!


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Christina Wernstrum said...

Some women just have that gift of amazing coolness. She is kinda awesome though