Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today is Starfish Sunday

Hey everyone!

Sorry about not posting the past couple of days. I have several things to share but my back went out and I had severe neck pain. I've had three chiropractic visits which has helped me immensely. I am not back 100% but I am certainly doing better than I was. So I decided to start fresh again with today's post for:

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Arnold Terry, the man that I have selected for Starfish Sunday, was one of the most influential people in my life. I adored this man. He was born in 1905 and in the short 90 years that God gave him on this earth he had seen a lot of changes. He was an Old Testament scholar and could recount the stories written on the pages of the gospel with as much accuracy as if you were reading it aloud. His passion for God and winning souls never waned through the years regardless of the times that people may have been dismissive or rejected the truth altogether. He spoke with kindness and love. He was the type of person who could tell you something that if someone else said it, it would have made you angry, but when he said it, you just quietly listened and accepted what he had to say. He was a good man... a praying man. You can believe Heaven and Earth were moved when he prayed and the devil did not intimidate him at all. He knew in Whom he had believed.
I made mistakes in my life, like we all do, but my grandfather was the one person on this earth who would not condemn me. If I did wrong, he did not put me down, but rather explained what Jesus would have wanted me to do and he loved me back on the right path. His love for me was the one single experience I have had on this earth that was as humanly possible to mirror God's unconditional love for us. I did nothing to earn my grandfather's love. I did nothing to cause him to love me more or love me less. I belonged to him and he loved me. He shared the gospel with me in truth and told me to NEVER compromise.
My grandfather influenced me to pursue a career in nursing. I am sure he would be very proud of me if he were alive. He would be my biggest cheerleader and I can just see his big smile and shining beautiful blue eyes as I told him that I was accepted into the nursing program this fall. I cared for him when he was ill. I visited him every single day of my life growing up, unless I was on vacation out of state. I would sit on the arm of his recliner and listen for hours as he told me things the Bible said about life and love and how to treat people. I hung on his every word and learned so much. As shadows started to fall I would make my way back up the hill towards home with peace and love overflowing in my heart and spirit. I just felt better when he was near.
If I imagine my grandfather's life a beach scene, and souls along his path as starfish, then I would not be able to tell you how many starfish my grandfather rescued. He would pick each one up in his worn hands with love. He would bless them and say kinds things to them and then with all of his might he would launch them into the ocean of God's love and would quietly repeat this loving work until I could see him no more. He worked until God called him home. Always praying, always singing, always teaching, always warning, always preaching, ever calling wayward souls towards home.
When someone recounts the relationships you have made, the choices you chose, the people you helped, the things you did, will you be known for helping the starfish God has placed in your path? Will others stop and say they want to be just like you? The good news is that regardless of our past, we can all have a wonderful life story to share with others if we choose to see people as starfish and our purpose in life as one to serve and help those around us in need. We can offer a kind word, extra patience, friendly smile, or a gentle hug. Maybe the person who is going slow in front of you just needs some extra time to get where they are going. Perhaps the person who stepped in front of you in line didn't see you because they were distracted by the thoughts running around in their head. Maybe the person who didn't smile back just got bad news and even though they couldn't offer you a smile, perhaps they received yours. Choose to live everyday as a Starfish day!
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Christina Wernstrum said...

In tears. Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man and I can honestly say you would make him proud. You took his lessons and carry on his legacy. You are truly a shining example of his love.