Friday, May 10, 2013

Buckets full of fun!

Hey everyone!

Welcome back for another
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I am sorry I didn't get to share this with you all yesterday. It's been a little bit crazy lately! I wanted to share with you some buckets I got recently on clearance at Kmart. I bought 3 buckets similar to these:

They were leftover from Easter at Kmart.Only three buckets were left so I bought them all. I purchased two tall ones for 40 cents and a size smaller for 30 cents! I purchased two cans of black spray paint for 97 cents each and for under $4 I will have three buckets that are just the color I want to go in my new scrapbook room! YAY!!!

I love shopping clearance. I look at everything in a whole new way now that I know how to alter items to make them just the way I want them to be. My mom will spray paint the buckets for me. I have never tried and I don't want to mess them up. I may try it with her help but we will see. What thrifty items have you purchased recently?


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